VDRs for Buyers and Sellers

The Value That VDRs Provide to Both Buyers and Sellers

Nowadays, the measures and means used to ensure the security of information resources should not noticeably worsen the ergonomic performance of the VDR in which this information circulates.

The Role of Virtual Data Room Software in Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be very difficult for both sellers and buyers. Things can get very frustrating for everyone involved, from endless paperwork to repeated requests and then waiting times. However, this is not the only problem. Even more worrying is that these slow tasks often become unmanageable and make room for errors. This, in turn, can lead to a waste of time, and ultimately, the company may lose the deal due to delays. In addition, in the absence of proper security measures, company data can fall into the wrong hands.

One of the important stages of the purchase/sale of a company (or a share in it) is due diligence or a detailed check of the acquired asset. The purpose of this procedure is to confirm that all data on the company indicated in the information memorandum, letter of intent, and correspondence between the parties are confirmed by actual documents or, at least, do not contradict them. In addition, during due diligence, it is important for the buyer to identify all possible risks that may be associated with the purchase of a particular business or asset.

For the deal to be successful for both buyers and sellers, the following must be carefully designed and wisely applied:

  • strategic approaches based on formalized strategic thinking;
  • selection procedure, selection, and analysis of the acquisition target;
  • financial and organizational structuring of the deal;
  • procedures and management procedures after the completion of the transaction, as well as the process of integration of the acquired company.

In What Situations Is It Useful to Use a Virtual Data Room for Both Buyers and Sellers?

Ask yourself: What information do you need to protect? What data is of value to a potential adversary or to you? You may not be able to answer these questions right away. In terms of structure, the virtual data rooms can be very broad or very detailed. Some requests are no longer than one page and contain only general submission guidelines such as a few specific areas to consider, how to submit a completed proposal and the date by which all proposals must be submitted.

The Virtual Data Room is an extranet that includes bidders and their advisors. An extranet is essentially a website with limited controlled access using a secure login provided by the vendor, which can be disabled by the seller at any time if the bidder opts out. It is important to correctly choose a sufficient level of protection at which the costs, risks, and the amount of possible damage would be minimized (the task of risk analysis).

Take a look at the next situations where it is useful to use the virtual data room for both buyers and sellers:

  • joint ventures established for the implementation of certain projects;
  • investments in companies that fit into the technological business chains;
  • licensing agreements, where a company with a certain technology in one country licenses a company with a large market share in another country;
  • solving the problem of attracting a team of managers with experience in implementing certain projects;
  • enabling a small company to use the managerial experience and marketplace of a larger company.